Omni Creates Unprecedented VR Immersion for Games

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Omni logoAre you a hardcore FPS gamer? Ready for some bleeding edge technology to go with your FPS game? You’re welcome.

Lets talk about Omni, which is already overfunded on Kickstarter and ready to charge forward with revolutionizing virtual reality. Omni is the first virtual reality interface for moving freely and naturally in your favorite game.

This has become possible because of how inexpensive head-mounted displays and low-cost sensors have become.

The Omni is a fit-in-your-living room, natural-motion interface that lets you walk, run, crouch and jump in your favorite games. The fully-integrated VR interface comes with sophisticated hardware and software.

Omni homeIt’s ready to use out of the box with any game or app that uses keyboard input. The Omni is also compatible with the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra or other game controllers.

The base of the Omni is a low-friction surface with grooves. Users wear special shoes with pins that fit into the grooves, keeping the foot stabilized and preventing unwanted lateral slide.

The shoe sole has a higher friction coefficient on the toe to grant further stability and maintain balance. The result for users is a natural gait that allows for true virtual exploration and immersion.

But what’s the real benefit? Not only are you going to be able to immerse yourself in a deeper layer of gaming, but you’ll be more active and in better shape than your non-Omni counterparts.

Think about it. The Omni will free you from passive, seated gameplay by unleashing the full potential of virtual reality gaming. Damn straight virtual reality.

The Omni is easy to disassemble and store: the top is removable and the Omni can be stowed just like exercise equipment. The ring height and belt size are adjustable: small, tall, big or thin, everyone can use and enjoy the Omni.

Check out the Omni Kickstarter page for more information, photos, and video. This project has already exceeded the funding goal, so you know there are others who are ready for the next step in virtual gaming.

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