Official: Xbox One to Cost $499, Release Slated for November

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Xbox-OneThough the grand unveiling of the Xbox One next-gen gaming console took place close to three weeks before E3 2013’s start, Microsoft kept an ace or two up its sleeve for the Electronic Entertainment Expo too.

Specifically, it was the video game trade show that was the host of the revealing of Xbox One’s pricing and availability details. The newest console, advertised as an all-purpose entertainment device to control your entire living room, will thus go on sale sometime in November for $499.

Pricey? A little, but it’s not like we expected Microsoft to sell the thing at a loss, right? Sadly, things look even worse for future Xbox One adopters living in the UK – the console will go for £429 ($667) around those parts.

The rest of the old continent will be getting the thing at €499 ($660), while finally Australians will be asked to cough up a cool AU $599. In total, gamers based in 21 countries should be ready to see the Xbox One on store shelves, with the exact release date still unknown.

A number of online retailers, including Amazon, are listing the console as expected in stock come November 30, but in lack of an official confirmation take that ETA with a little caution and a small grain of salt.


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