T-Mobile To Offer iPhone 5 for $0 Upfront in Exclusive Father’s Day Deal

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iPhone 5This year’s Father’s Day is nearing and as a logical and happy, happy consequence everyone’s readying special, limited-time gadget discounts.

Barnes & Noble has even jumped the gun already and savagely slashed Nook HD and HD+ prices, but if you want something smaller and/or with a little extra oomph you might want to hold off for T-Mobile’s exclusive Father’s Day deal.

The “Uncarrier” is reportedly prepping to once again offer Apple’s iPhone 5 for no upfront cost for qualifying customers. The latest and greatest iPhone normally requires a down payment of 150 bucks, so you do the math and find out exactly how lucrative this promo is.

Before jumping up and down with excitement though, we have to mention that, just like for Mother’s Day, T-Mo is allowing only customers looking to ditch their old iPhones 4 or 4S access to this super-bargain.

Specifically, you’ll need to trade in an iPhone 4 or 4S to get the discount, plus additional credit of up to $120 if your aging handheld is still in mint condition. Obviously, you can’t dump on T-Mo just any old iPhone, so the thing will need to have its screen intact, as well as no noticeable physical damage.

If all that sounds good to you, be sure to visit a Magenta store between June 14 and 16, i.e. this next weekend. And remember, even if you’ll qualify for the promo and get the “free” iPhone 5, you’ll still need to cough up 20 bucks montly for two full years.


<Source: Tmo News>

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