‘Brydge’ the Gap Between Your iPad and Laptop

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Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.24.05 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-12 at 2.51.52 PMReally though, who isn’t a sucker for tech accessories that save you money? Precisely, this is why the utility and charm of Brydge so quickly caught my attention. Instead of using your iPad as just a boring old tablet, Brydge can easily turn that slate into a touchscreen laptop. Well, for all intensive purposes at least.

The full-sized keyboard attachment is equipped with an ultra strong hinge, which fastens your iPad in the standard laptop screen position and provides you with normal typing functionality via Bluetooth pairing. It’s available with stereo forward-facing speakers like most laptops and is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum to give it that already-classic chic Apple appearance.

“Brydge’s aluminum body is machined and anodized so that it matches the look and feel of the iPad precisely,” explained Bradley Leong, Brydge Chief Co-Designer. “When paired together, Brydge and your iPad appear to be two parts of the same device, blending style and functionality seamlessly.”

brydgewhiteFirst created in 2012, Brydge is compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4 (unfortunately it won’t work with the original model due to it’s curved backside, unlike descending generations.) Brydge’s hinge will rotate a full 180-degrees and when connected to an iPad 2, weighing in at only 2.59-pounds — compared to a 13-inch MacBook Air at 2.96-pounds.

Already catching a great deal of mainstream attention, Brydge has been heralded by prominent tech aficionados such as The Verge, Mac Observer and has just recently been nominated for Dealerscope Magazine’s Best In Show Award for the new tablet accessories categories at CE WEEK in NYC.

Find out full specs, ordering information and more at the product website,

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  • Glenn

    Check out the much more versatile, solidly built Clamcase Pro with a 360 degree hinge before you decide

  • Gary

    Not to nitpick, but the phrase is “all intents and purposes,” not “all intensive purposes.” That said, this does seem to be slighty more flexible than the Zagg Folio I use with my iPad 2. However, I thought the same of the Clamcase and it turned out to be a disappointingly flimsy and overpriced piece of crap that I wound up sending back. Thus, I’m leery of other such products. It’s hard to tell anything about the build quality until you have it in your hands.

  • Ryan Brady

    Disappointing that this product, like so many others, is not available for owners of the original iPad. Not every iPad owner ran out and upgraded each time Apple decided it needed to boost its earnings for the quarter.