iCoil Could Be the Smartest Earbud Cable Manager

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The best part about having earbud headphones? The encapsulation of good tunes in your own personal bubble. The worst part? Wrapping and unwrapping them when they’re not being used.

Ok, no, the worst part is tangled cords, but you know what I mean.

There are lots of earbuds available and always new ones coming out. But what about the cord management? Some people favor Altoid tins, but is that really much better than wadding it all in a pocket or plastic bag?

Take a look on Amazon; You can find pages worth of earbud cable managers. Many of these involve having the cord wrapped around it, with notches to hold the buds in place. If it’s your style, lots of these may be shaped like a comb or a half-eaten piece of fruit.

If you’re looking for something just a bit better and a whole lot more functional, you might be interested in the iCoil Kickstarter project.

icoil colorsThe iCoil is a simple cord winding solution that can be used with almost any type of earbuds out there. The only ones that might have issues would be those with built-in volume controls and/or a thick connection where the left and right buds diverge.

What sets the iCoil apart is how you don’t need to remove the earbuds in order to use them. It features an internal chamber system to wind both ends of the earbuds inside of it, all without the use of loaded springs or anything mechanical breakable in the middle.

When you want to wear them, simply uncoil as much as you need and you’re all set. The iCoil has an external clip to attach to clothing, pockets, or bags to keep it in place while being used.

When you’re done, you just wind it back up and tuck it away. It’s small and simple. What else do you need?

It’s a lot easier to visualize from the videos they have posted on their iCoil Kickstarter page. The project is already overfunded with weeks to go, but you can still pledge for yours in choice of black, green, blue, white, or hot pink.

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