Diamond Scale Turns Android, iOS Into Portable Weed Scale

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I can picture it now. Just a few buddies, hanging out on the back porch with a full bag and a table loaded with an arsenal of smoking utensils. At some point, one of them, in all of his marijuana enlightenment, must have dumped a bunch of weed on a Samsung Galaxy Note.

It must have been frustrating for that first minute or two, wondering why the scale wasn’t working. And then the lightbulbs blazed.

Leviteo, an emerging mobile applications and lifestyle solutions developer, is excited to announce the launch of Diamond Scale onto the App Store and Google Play.

Diamond Scale screenDiamond Scale, a first of its kind utility, turns users mobile devices into accurate, fully functional scales capable of accurately weighing small objects with readings displayed in both grams and ounces.

Any device with a built-in gyroscope can be turned into a digital scale with Diamond Scale in a matter of seconds. The app’s nuanced calibration features and straightforward user guide ensures that anyone can weigh nearly any small object.

With the help of a flat surface, inflated bag, and a coin, users can calibrate the app to measure even the lightest or smallest objects with scientific precision.

Calibration is as simple as following a few in-app instructions and waiting a few seconds. Any supported Android and iOS device has the power to become your permanent digital scale solution that you can keep right at your fingertips.

Diamond Scale is currently available for download on the App Store for $2.99 and Google Play for $1.99 in both stores’ Utilities and Tools categories respectively.



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