Rumor: Apple to Release Larger Screen Version of the iPhone, Color Options and Lower Price

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Apple is allegedly planning to release a version of the iPhone that will no doubt compete with Android smartphones. The company is in talks to include larger screened phones in an array of colors for a cheaper price point of $99. The 5S is set to be released later this year in the fall, and could be accompanied by the cheaper, more colorful version. No word yet on the model name. This new version of the iPhone is rumored to be in both 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch displays, competing with Android’s 5+-inchers.

A couple of months ago, Tim Cook assured there wouldn’t be a larger screen on the iPhone to eliminate the risk of image quality and shorter battery life. It could be that the Apple team is reconsidering this.

With Android’s larger screened phones and colorful faces driving a large chunk of the smartphone market, could the iPhone finally try to compete with this? Only time will tell.

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