Don’t Forget to Keep an Eye on Bing for Mobile Search

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BingOne of the surprises, at least to me, to come out of Apple’s WWDC event on Monday was that Bing would be the default search engine for Siri. Beyond the obvious question of “Why is Apple defaulting to a Microsoft product?” this potentially has a large impact on mobile search.

Over the last year, Bing has already grown their market share from 15.4% to 17.4%, according to this article on Search Engine Land. Those are still tiny in comparison to Google (at 66.7%), but it’s good growth.

Those numbers don’t include mobile search, where Google has 84% and Bing only has 5%. With Siri using Bing, those numbers could change, quickly.

Mobile search is still ignored by many small businesses, to their increasing peril. When small business do look at SEO, they often focus on Google, since it’s the big boy in the room. In the future, that’s going to be a dangerous strategy.

I asked Nancy Wigal of the Search Engine Academy Washington DC, for her thoughts on this.

This is very interesting for search, because mobile search is rising for both Android and Apple devices. Typically most SEO efforts concentrate on Google, particularly if a website’s analytics confirm that strategy through the number of referrals from organic search. However, webmasters and SEO professionals should pay attention to, and chart any rises in mobile and/or Bing traffic referrals in the coming months. Assuming they see positive movement, search engine marketing professionals should review Bing webmaster guidelines and recommendations to see if there are nuances for optimization that may slightly differ from Google, to take advantage of rising Bing searches.

So at least one expert confirms that webmasters need to track anayltics and be responsive to changes. If you’re a business owner, you either need to track your own analytics or stay on top of your webmaster to be certain they are monitoring the right data. Google isn’t going to be the only, or even the best, game in town forever.

Any business owners out there who’d like to comment on changes you’ve seen in your web traffic, either desktop or mobile?

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