Nokia Zoom (AKA EOS, AKA Elvis) To Be Unveiled on July 11 in New York City?

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Nokia ZoomAfter putting all its (high-end) eggs in one basket in 2012 – the Lumia 920 – Nokia has decided to mix things up and, instead of unveiling one flagship device in 2013, unveil three. The 925 and 928 have already been made official, so we’re two down, one to go.

Of course, Nokia has likely saved the best for last, with the fellow known as EOS or Elvis tipped to blend all that’s cool at the Lumia 925 and 928 with all that was awesome at the 808 PureView. You remember the 808, right? That was a low-end phone in all aspects, save for one – it packed a stunning 41 MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash.

But enough background and let’s get down to today’s order of business. Nokia has apparently sent out a bunch of press invites in the last 24 hours (we’re still waiting for one, by the way) for an event that’s to take place on July 11 in New York City.

The invites simply read “Zoom. Reinvented”, which is however enough to make us certain the device previously known as the EOS will be marketed as the Zoom or Lumia Zoom. The NYC event sounds like the perfect stage for a formal intro of this thing, which is long overdue given all the recent leaks that leave very little to the imagination.

In a nutshell, the Nokia Zoom is to be a high-end version of the 808 PureView, with an improved 41 MP camera, sleek aluminum body and most of the other specs closely resembling the Lumia 925 and 928.


<Source: Engadget>

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