Google’s Nexus 7 16GB Second Gen Tablet May Go For $229

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Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.38.27 AMGoogle’s flagship seven-inch tablet, the Nexus 7 was announced at last month’s I/O developer’s conference for a release of sometime this year. Then, there was rumors of the slate going for a sweet price of $150.

On Friday, a story from DigiTimes is speculating that the Nexus 7 will see a proper release sometime in July, with two variants: a 8 GB and a 16 GB model, which may go for $199 and $229 respectively. This puts the cheaper priced new generation tablet rumor to bed, as the current generation Nexus 7 starts at $199 as well.

This summer, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet will be competing against a slew of other seven-inch Android tablets, such as the Asus MeMOPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 and HP’s Slate 7. Not to mention Apple’s iPad mini is expected to see a next generation emerge in the near future.


<Source: DigiTimes>

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