Smart Cargo for iPad Adds Grip and Unobtrusive Storage

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You know, I can’t help but smile when Kickstarter projects have humble doubts about the time required to fund their project, yet overfund with at least a month to go.

The Smart Cargo Kickstarter project is genius – it makes me feel like I have to buy an iPad just so I can get this awesome piece of equipment.

Smart Cargo comparisonSmart Cargo is a sleek hard case that attaches to your Apple Smart Cover/Case through magnets. It holds all your iPad essentials while adding very little bulk or weight. Store cables, earbuds, adapters, stylus, and anything else you can squeeze in there.

While the outside of the Smart Cargo is sturdy and durable, the inside is lined with felt to keep your accessories nice and protected.

Smart CargoNot only does it act as an iPad grip while carrying, the Smart Cargo doubles as a wrist support if you need it. If not, it’s perfectly designed to fit inside your rolled up smart cover when not in use.

If you are the proud owner of an iPad and have an inner minimalist as well, it might be making you reach for your wallet right now.

Check out the Smart Cargo Kickstarter page and see the genius that enhances an iPad without getting in the way.

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  • Juli Monroe

    That’s brilliant. I already have the iPad. I’m just lacking the Smart Cover. This might give me a reason to get one.