App Review: PayPal for iOS

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PayPal for Windows Phone app iconI used PayPal for a long time without bothering to download the app, but then I started getting payments via PayPal, got a PayPal debit card and decided if I was going to use my account more, I needed a better way to monitor it on-the-go. So I installed the app on my phone, and it’s got a couple of features that make it worth the download.

Security is always a concern and the app offers the option to log-in with your password or with your mobile number and a PIN. I was leery of using the PIN option for quite a while since most PINs are only 4 digit. The PayPal app allows you to use up to 8. I split the difference and went for 6, using the LastPass “Generate Password” feature to make sure I got a random one.

Once you’re logged it, the options are simple. You get a running balance total and a list of recent transactions. The list is handy since I can’t always remember when I used my PayPal card or regular credit card. The app makes it easy to check.

You can make payments or request money, with an easy-to-fill-out form. You can also add money or scan checks, directly within the app. PayPal is good about letting you know what transactions involve a fee and which do not.

PayPal send money
PayPal add money

There’s even a feature to check for local businesses that allow you to pay via PayPal. As you can see from my list, there’s not a great selection near me, but with my check card (which I highly recommend), I don’t need that particular feature.

PayPal local

All in all, it’s a decent app well worth downloading if you use your PayPal account regularly. The app is also available for Android, with a similar feature set.

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