Rumor: Nokia Phablet and Low-Cost Lumia 920 Coming This Fall, Another Phablet Next February

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NokiaNokia may have disappointed a few folks with the Lumia 925 and 928, which to be honest, are no match for Android’s heavyweights, but the best is still to come from the Finns in 2013. First, the Zoom (aka EOS, aka Elvis) will see daylight and considerably raise the bar for cameraphones.

A few months of peace and quiet should follow, while this fall is said to be the time when Nokia truly unleashes the Windows Phone power. A phablet sounds like an unexpected change of tune for both Nokia and WP, but in all honesty we’ve known for a while such a gadget is headed our way.

Sadly, we’re still light on specifics, though online publication has received a few tips according to which the jumbo-sized phone will sport a 5.5 or 6-inch screen. But wait, there’s more – a “low-cost” Lumia 920 is also slated for a September or October launch and will be targeted specifically against the “cheap iPhone”.

Said device should be priced very “aggressively” and will likely cut a few corners, but not so many as one would expect. In fact, most of the specs will be identical to those of the original 920, save for the camera, which will not feature optical image stabilization.

Last, but not least, Nokia is reported to already be working on a 2014 phone phablet, again with a 5.5 to 6-inch screen, but also generous 16 lens-lytro camera with higher than 13 megapixel count. Sounds like Nokia really wants to get back in the limelight…


<Source: Nokia Power User>

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