Ebook Review: From Fleeting to Forever

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From Fleeting to Forever

From Fleeting to Forever

How can you best preserve your photographs, in the age of digital photography? Like most people, I have a system for family photos.

I take photos on my iPhone and when other people send them to me, I save them to my camera roll. That way, they all go to my Photo Stream, usually viewed on my iPad. About once a month, I download all of that month’s photos to my computer, which is itself backed up roughly every 30 days. I also upload the best pictures to a family blog, and my goes in once in a while and gets printouts of the best one. Some of best ones are in my Facebook photos file, too.

This way, it becomes highly unlikely that I’ll ever lose my photos. Lose my phone? They’re somewhere else, and in the cloud too. I lose my whole hard drive? It’s backed up. All else fails? I have the blog, and the printouts.

But there are other conundrums involved in the cause of photo preservation, and all those and more are shared in “From Fleeting to Forever,” a new Ebook, released this spring through Amazon and BookBaby, from veteran journalists Michael McEnaney and Gregory Scoblete. The authors share the best ways to guarantee that your photos will survive in good condition well into the future.

McEnaney- a former editor with this site’s parent company Napco/CTPG, who edited both Picture Business and Tell magazines- and Scoblete, editor of the companion website Your Digital Life and also a respected foreign policy blogger- clearly know their stuff, and do an excellent job explaining some issues that many, many people deal with but to which they may not give much thought.

At a relatively breezy 78 pages, the book runs through many ways to preserve digital photos over time. It wisely points out that the electronics devices may very well not be able to read the photo formats of today, while the cloud services you’re using to save your photos may not still be in business tomorrow.

The authors delve into several areas you may not have even considered, from nontraditional ways to print out your photos to the pitfalls of trusting your photos to the likes of Facebook and Google, words that news headlines since the book’s publication have lent new and troubling dimensions. There are also informative chapters on wall art and even how to handle videos.

The authors also recommend several services and products, from various cloud offerings to digital photo frames (remember those?)

“From Fleeting to Forever” is available for just $6.99, from the Amazon and Kobo stores.

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