Lenovo Unveils 15-Inch ThinkPad S531 Ultrabook, Available Soon in UK Starting at £575

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Lenovo ThinkPad S531Lenovo has been in the spotlight of late mostly with versatile and eccentric computing machines like the IdeaTab Lynx or ThinkPad Helix, but the world needs more conventional-looking gadgets too. Enter the ThinkPad S531, which is essentially a jumbo-sized variant of the S431.

The S531 may look pretty bland from far away, but if you get closer you’ll notice it’s incredibly thin and light… for a 15.6-incher. Oh, and also, the thing is Lenovo’s first 15-inch ultrabook effort, so its formal intro is kind of a big deal.

Only set to see daylight in the UK for now (in a matter of days), the S531 will start at £575 ($900), which is not exactly a fortune. For that money, you don’t get a lot of oomph, though I guess Intel Ivy Bridge heat, 500 GB of storage and up to 9 hours of battery are not exactly low-end specs either.

A version with an anti-glare Full HD screen and 10 GB of RAM (2 GB soldered + 8 in slot) is also incoming, although you’ll have to wait a little longer for that (until July, to be specific) and naturally, cough up some extra dough (not sure how much).

The only other features known include two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet and HDMI, but we expect all the blanks to be filled in a matter of hours via Lenovo’s website.


<Source: Engadget>

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