Rumor: HTC One Mini Coming to AT&T in July

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HTC_One_MiniThough HTC is yet to make the One Mini official, we know so much about its looks and specs already that “tipsters” have been left with nothing else to leak but availability details. Not that we’re complaining.

If we are to trust Phone Arena’s unnamed sources, the 4.3-inch phone is headed for AT&T. The exact release date remains wrapped in mystery, but I’m sure you remember Bloomberg’s report from last week, according to which the One Mini was to go on sale in the US “by August”. Translation – in July.

A fairly reliable source has also spilled the beans on an imminent T-Mobile debut not long ago, while Verizon is likely to join the launch party late as usual. Remember, Big Red is yet to make the original HTC One available on the network, so chances are big and little bro will go for sale around the same time. Hopefully, by the end of the summer.

In this entire US availability equation, it’s a little odd that we’re not hearing anything on a One Mini Sprint release, but that’s probably just a matter of time. Now, who has the scoop on pricing? Anyone?


<Source: Phone Arena>

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