Huawei Ascend P6 To See Daylight on July 4 in UK, Costs £330 Off-Contract

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huawei-ascend-p6After building up excitement for several weeks in a row, Huawei finally unveiled the super-slim Ascend P6 smartphone on Wednesday, but (initially) “forgot” to mention any pricing or availability details, save for a vague Chinese ETA.

The situation was very swiftly corrected and we got a European release window – the beginning of July – plus a recommended retail price of €449. All in the space of a few hours yesterday. But things are even clearer today, as Carphone Warehouse has put the beautiful 4.7-incher up for pre-order.

The UK online retailer estimates it will be able to fulfill the first orders on July 4, while on the pricing front things look much better than yesterday. The Ascend P6 goes for £329.95 SIM-free and off-contract, which converts to a mere €385. Not too shabby for the world’s thinnest smartphone, eh?

Carphone Warehouse can hook you up even if you prefer to get the P6 with contracts, offering it with  Vodafone, Orange or T-Mobile plans starting at £21 per month. The handheld itself will be yours for free, so you can’t really complain of the subsidized pricing structure either. Oh, if only Huawei would find a way to bring the Ascend P6 to America as well…


<Source: Android Central>

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