World’s First Flexible Smartphone Could Be LG-Made and Come By the End of 2013

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Flexible displaysIt’s been a while since we last heard of the so-called flexible smartphone displays, but even then there was nothing good to report, since Samsung delayed mass production for 2014. However, Samsung is not the only company capable of innovations and breakthroughs in the mobile décor, so LG might actually be the first to come out with ‘bendable’ gadgets.

According to one of the company’s spokesmen, quoted by Korea Times, “we have completed the development of our first flexible displays” and “we will mass produce flexible displays from the fourth quarter of this year”.

Wow! Just… wow! The news probably shouldn’t come as a shocker, given there was a rumor a while ago saying essentially the same thing, but you know as well as I do the road from rumor to reality is a long and bumpy one.

But when exactly are we going to be able to buy an LG smartphone with a flexible panel? And how will this or these look? Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers yet, but if mass production is to begin in Q4 2013, we could be seeing a few such futuristic gadgets under Christmas trees this year.

As for appearance and actual flexibility, don’t expect the first gadgets of this kind to be 100% malleable. They will likely be bendable up to a point at first, but you know what they say about baby steps.


<Source: Korea Times>

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