Register Your Galaxy S4 for 50% off Samsung Accessories

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A new smartphone purchase isn’t quite complete until you’ve purchased and set up a few accessories with it, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is no different.

Even though there are plenty of smartphone accessories by other companies out there, it’s hard to beat the quality and compatibility that comes straight from the manufacturer. The only problem is, especially with Samsung, is that those accessories can tend to be a bit pricier than us savvy shoppers might wish.

Galaxy S4 Spare Battery Charging SystemBut right now, you can score a 50% off an accessory coupon delivered by email, simply by registering your Galaxy S4 with Samsung. The catch? It’s only for one item and that item has to be under $50.

There are still a number of great items to choose from. You could get the Galaxy S4 Spare Battery Charging System. It’s compact and lets you keep a full spare battery always on hand.

Samsung Wireless Charging PadOr you could purchase the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad. It requires you to also have the wireless charging cover for the S4, so that’s something you’d have to pony up full price for.

Samsung Universal HDTV AdapterFor those who love to stream content from their phone to a big screen (really useful when traveling and staying in hotels), the Samsung Universal HDTV Adapter is the perfect solution for you.

Check out the Samsung Store to see what other accessories you can get with the 50% off coupon from registering your new Galaxy S4!



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