gMusic is Back in Business After a 3 Week Absence

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gmusic-app-icon-ios-225x225We’ve spent a decent amount of time talking about gMusic, a third-party Google Music application for iOS. gMusic is known for supporting Google Play Music All Access shortly after Google announced the new feature. Unfortunately, Google changed something with Google Music in late May which caused gMusic to stop authenticating users. After weeks of waiting, gMusic has finally been updated. For a moment, it appeared as if it was never going to see the light of day again.

gMusic’s creator, James Clancey technically fixed the authentication problem shortly after it happened. The problem came from Apple which took forever to approve the update. Clancey waited and asked Apple why the update approval process was taking so long, but never received much more than a canned response. Apple also rejected the update at one point. Clancey took down gMusic and resubmitted it this past Monday.

The damage has certainly been done at this point. gMusic currently has a one and a half star rating in the Apple App Store. The negative reviews were the direct result of the app not working for the past three weeks.

Google’s official Google Music application should be released very soon. gMusic needs to go above and beyond to stay relevant once that happens. Clancey told us he has plans for that as well.

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  • Jim

    When I bought the app it would not login, last week it started logging in and was working somewhat (couldn’t get any songs into playlists) and then Monday it just stopped working again. I can log in, see all my music and can do web searches but pressing play does nothing. I’m under a trial membership with Google Music and was hoping this player would suffice until the Google player releases so I can stop paying to use the Spotify app.