Windows 8-Powered Vizio Tablet with 11-Inch Full HD Screen Now Available for $600

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VIZIO_MT11XUnveiling a gadget and then making it available six months later is seldom a good idea, but Vizio’s latest Windows 8 tablet hasn’t aged so badly. The MT11X-A1 (no, really, that’s the thing’s market name) is up for grabs now for $599.99, which is certainly steep.

Then again, you do get a very bright and large 11.6-inch touchscreen with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution (aka Full HD) for that dough. The 64 GB SSD doesn’t sound bad either, though we’re not sure if you also get microSD support.

The last good news is there’s a 2 MP camera fitted on the tab’s front, plus Windows 8 inside and stereo speakers. As for where things go sour, I’d put the dated AMD Z-60 CPU in first place. And then there’s a Radeon HD 6250 GPU, which is equally old.

The 2 gigs of RAM are… well, boring and the battery is rated at a measly 5 hours of life between charges. So what was that about the tab not aging badly? Yeah, I might want to reconsider it, even if the design is fairly nice, with the 11-incher weighing a decent 1.8 pounds and measuring 0.39 inches in thickness.

All things considered, I still think the MT11X-A1 (seriously, do something about that name, Vizio) is pretty attractive, but maybe it would need a price shave in order to become a hit.


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