LG Schedules Mystery New York Event for August 7, Is The G2 Coming?

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LG eventWith Computex, E3, Apple’s WWDC and Samsung’s Premiere events all behind us, you might think the rest of the summer is shaping up to be fairly boring for all tech aficionados. But you’re wrong, since at least one more major event is set to take place by September.

New York City will be hosting said event on August 7 and the stars will be… wait for it… LG. Given the NYC stage is usually considered very glamorous in the tech décor, we’re guessing something special will go down a month and a half from now around those parts.

With not much else known besides the date, forecasting exactly what LG has up its sleeve is near impossible, but we have an idea or two. The recently confirmed Snapdragon 800-powered G2 (lacking the Optimus moniker, apparently) is definitely a possibility, as is a Nexus 5, whose existence was initially refuted by LG.

Keep in mind that those are just (educated) guesses and that a lot can happen between now and August 7. Having said all that, keep in touch, because the teasers are likely coming.


<Source: Engadget>

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