This Futuristic Turn Table Can Make Anyone an Electronic Composer (Video)

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Wow, I’m nearly speechless. Facebook, you’ve added an unexpected, extra dollop of sunshine to this wonderful Summer solstice but otherwise normal Friday of mine; in the form of a favorable (for a change) Suggested Post on my Timeline. Holy cow.Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 2.49.46 PM

This nugget, a video advertising the 2014 Moog Fest (a bit early,) demonstrates what Berlin-based “spatial and media-related design” team known as The Product has named Soundmachines.

“An instrument for performing electronic music,” describes the artists’ website, includes three turn tables, appearing much like three record players. On each arm, instead of a needle to glide along the grooves of a record, is a white light which can react to concentric patterns on each spinner.Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 4.24.54 PM

Here, one spinner produces a rhythm track, one handles a crescendoing drone and the other provides an edgy sounding melody. The tones are entirely edited and altered via a computer recording program that the unit can be plugged into. As the performer moves each arm closer and further along the face of the ‘record,’ the sound becomes manipulated accordingly.

Check out the video demonstration below:

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 4.24.13 PMMoogfest, as you may have guessed is an annual festival in Asheville, N.C., dedicated to all things Moog and to Bob Moog’s legacy (he’s the hero who brought us electronic musical synthesis. No Daft Punk without this man, just sayin’.) The next Moogfest is from April 25 through the 27 and basically if you’re at all a synth junkie, you need to be there. The fest includes related keynotes, product demonstrations, award ceremonies, workshops and more.

Happy Friday, ya’ll.


Soundmachines from The Product on Vimeo.

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