iwakeu Analyzes Sleep Cycles, Wakes You Up Smartly

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I’ve always had an easier time waking up early during summer months. Simply put, the sunshine streaming into the room gets me there before the alarm even goes off.

Winter months are terrible. The alarm is always abrupt, and I’m left feeling dazed and that I should still be sleeping because it’s dark.

iwakeu logoIf you’re like me, then you will appreciate iwakeu, which is an intelligent wake up light with a smartphone application (iOS and Android) to analyze sleep cycles.

iwakeu-chartiwakeu has an intuitive touch interface and conceptual Dutch design. The lamp is driven by an intelligent app on your smartphone that monitors your sleep cycle and adjusts to your sleep rhythm. It works by Bluetooth so there are no wires to connect.

Simply set your wake up alarm on your phone as you normally would.

The app uses that information to know when to gradually increase the brightness and intensity of the lamp while you’re still sleeping.

By the time your alarm goes off, you’ll be in a lighter sleep phase and can get up feeling awake and refreshed.

iwakeu-lampiwaku offers more than an intelligent wake-up function. It’s also a medically certified light therapy lamp, capable of actually improving your sleep/wake rhythm.

The light intensity and the specific light spectrum make the lamp suitable for light therapy, also supported by the smartphone app.

iwakeu is expected to be available to early birds by fall 2013. For more information or to register for updates, visit




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