Lytro Camera Gains Mobile App and Wireless Connectivity

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Lytro LogoRemember that Lytro Camera that was unveiled a couple of years ago? Here’s a quick refresher. The pocket-sized camera takes photos that capture all the light within a scene: color, intensity, and direction. The user can endlessly refocus to any point within each image.

These “living pictures,” as the company calls them, opens up creativity for taking and sharing photos.

Lytro announced last week that they’ve implemented a firmware upgrade to Lytro Cameras. Users now have wireless uploading and sharing to go along with a brand new, free Lytro Mobile app for iOS.

Lytro Camera App LearnThe app communicates with with the Lytro camera to let you preview and upload pictures through a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Previously, users had to import the photos directly through the desktop.

Enjoy the freedom of being out and about to capture photos, refocus them within the app, save photos to your device, and share them with friends and family through text, Facebook, or Twitter.

The Lytro app also provides tips to help users get the most out of their camera, and the company intents to expand them through time.

Don’t have a Lytro Camera and want more information about this unique digital device? Head on over to for photos, instructional videos, and to order one of your own.

Just don’t forget to upgrade the new features! Hopefully Android users will be able to benefit from their own app version soon.



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