LEGO’s Back to the Future Set Includes a DeLorean and Two Minifigures

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Lego Back to the Future

LEGO fans have been patiently waiting for details about the upcoming Back to the Future set ever since it was chosen as a winning CUUSOO project. Although we still don’t have official word from LEGO about this set’s details, a couple recent leaks are giving us a good idea of what will be included.

The leaks began with photographs of a future LEGO Store newsletter that were posted on Brick Fanatics. The photos showed the DeLorean build along with a release date of July 18. At that time, many LEGO fans voiced their disappointment with the way the Delorean looked. It also wasn’t known if the set would include minifigures since those would arguably be the best part of the set. That’s where this second leak from Brick News come in.

Brick News has photographs of the set’s box, the Marty McFly and Doc Brown minifigures, a price and a description of the DeLorean. An included booklet will contain images of production photos of Back to the Future. It’ll also include instructions on how to change the appearance of the DeLorean so it looks like it did in each of the three films.

The LEGO Back to the Future set will supposedly carry a price tag of £34.99.

Source [Brick News] Image Credit: Brick News

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