Vine for Android Sees Much Needed Update, Bug Fixes, a Smoother Feel and More

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vinepic1Now that Instagram has entered the mobile mini movie arena, reigning champion Vine is seeing it’s first real challenger. Helping to avoid the copy-cat app from showing up the originator, Vine has released a crucial update to bring their latest Android variant up to proper fightin’ speed.

Now to bring anyone who might not know up to date real quick: Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a mobile photo app (duh.) As we reported last week, they introduced a new video feature, allowing users to create short clips up to 15-seconds long, a full 9-seconds longer than Vine. Likewise notable, it provides a few of Instagram’s celebrated editing filters.

Vine released the update for it’s Android version (1.1.0) app on Saturday and it’s a real doozy. Firstly a nice improvement was made to Vine’s search features. Now you can search for users to follow by user name or by hashtag. Beforehand you could only search by Twitter handle, phone number or email address. Likewise, hashtags that are used in descriptions or comments now appear as green and clickable.

The software update also introduced sharing to Facebook (hmm, interesting) and overall bug fixes, “improvements to capture speed, quality and audio/video synchronization,” as published on the app profile in Google Play. You can now clear your cache in the Settings menu, which is nice for freeing up some space on your handheld.

Overall, the update feels and looks great. Perhaps it was inspired by having the heat turned up on them by Instagram but nonetheless, Vine is still on top of the world. Once Instagrammers get over the neat filters, they’ll come crawling back to the original.

As always, Vine for Android and Vine for iOS. Trust me, this app rules.

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