Sony SmartWatch 2 Announced, Syncs with Your Android Devices via NFC

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sony smartwatch 2

Sony’s foray into the wearable device continues by way of announcing a new watch  called, Sony SmartWatch 2 which according to the company is the most advanced smartwatch to date. Basically, the device serves as a companion for your Android smartphone or perhaps even Android tablet. As such, it serves as a second screen as well.

To do this, the SmartWatch syncs with your Android device automatically via NFC. This means that you will not longer have to tinker with its settings manually to pair it up with your Android device.The SmartWatch 2 also has the familiar Android interface, but a more simpler one considering that the watch has a smaller display. In a way, the purpose of the SmartWatch 2 is to enhance the functionality of your Android phone aside from being a multi-functional watch. It’s also a notifier, Android app interface and phone remote control rolled into one nifty device.

And to convince you  further into owning one, Sony has these to say about the functionality and features of the SmartWatch 2:

  • Handle your calls by a simple touch of your wrist
  • Take a photo remotely from your SmartWatch, using a smart camera app
  • Control your presentations remotely using Presentation Pal
  • Taking a run or on the bike? Select a mapping app on SmartWatch to check your route with a quick glance at your wrist
  • Read previously downloaded e-mails when not connected to your phone
  • Use lifestyle apps like Runtastic to map and instantly track your fitness activities on the go

Think you’ll be needing a Sony SmartWatch 2? If yes, well you will have to wait until September to buy one. No pricing details were available at this time though.

Source [Sony Blog]

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