Tylt Cloak: Screen Protectors That Actually Look Easy to Apply

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I’m not a fan of screen protectors. They never seem to go on right. I can never get the bubbles out of them, and over time, they peel away and just look nasty. Tylt however, has come up with one I’m thinking about trying: the Cloak.

While I can’t speak to the durability or feel under the finger (another thing I detest about most screen protectors), I can say that this one looks like something I could actually apply. Check out the video.

What makes this work, I think, is the ability to apply the protector while it’s wet. I can see where that would give a far more precise positioning. If it’s positioned properly, it’s less likely to get off kilter and messy looking later. What a great idea!

However, since it needs to be positioned while wet, and they say to let the device dry completely before turning it on, this isn’t something you’ll want to do just before leaving for work.

What do you think? If you’re like me and hate screen protectors, might this be enough to make you change your mind?

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