Nvidia Delays First Shield Shipments for July, Is Anyone Still Interested?

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nvidia-shieldLooks like Nvidia Shield’s rise to fame is just not happening. The Android-powered handheld game console was first announced at CES 2013 in January, being initially slated for a March release. That didn’t happen, but what’s worse is the launch date kept on slipping, from March to April to June to July.

The latest delay comes just a week after Nvidia announced the first orders will be fulfilled on June 27 and slates the shipping start for an undecided point next month. Bummer, I know, but at least the gizmo will start at 300 bucks once it sees daylight, instead of the $350 that was first announced.

Be that as it may, the big question is whether or not gamers are still interested in the Shield. To be completely frank (and blunt), I don’t think real gamers were ever very excited about it, since it runs Android and packs mostly mid-end hardware.

True, that quad-core Tegra 4 chip is a beast, but it’s also most likely a power hog. Besides, the 5-inch display is just 720p and overheating is thought to be a big problem. Oh, well, ultimately it’s your decision, but do think long and hard before coughing up the dough for this thing. If it ever becomes available, that is.

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