WSJ: Google Has Smartwatch, Android Console, Low-Cost Phone And More In The Pipeline

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google-logoNot a day goes by without hearing a new rumor or “report” concerning Google, Apple and/or Microsoft’s future mobile plans. And while most of the times said reports are to be ignored since they’re based on nothing of substance, the latest gossip comes from The Wall Street Journal, whose sources have a very high degree of credibility.

According to WSJ, Google has quite a few things in the pipeline, some that sound spectacular, some a little exotic and others… not so exciting. On the hardware front, there’s apparently a smartwatch incoming, plus an Android gaming console of sorts, a mystery low-cost smartphone and a Nexus Q reboot.

The watch and Nexus Q follow-up don’t sound all that interesting, so let’s focus a little on the two other gizmos. A Google-made console? That’s one of the exotic parts of the report, but given the OUYA and Nvidia’s Shield have very slim chances of becoming commercial hits, it sort of makes sense.

As for that dirt-cheap phone, apparently it won’t be made with Motorola’s help. Also, rumor has it the mid-end Moto X will look like a beast next to this fellow, so when I say it’ll be “dirt-cheap”, I really mean that.

Finally, let’s see what’s coming on the software front. As rumored for quite a while, Google is working on an Android “K Release”, most likely to be marketed as 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The new OS should limit the ecosystem’s fragmentation with the ability of running on older systems, with as little as 512 MB of RAM, but beyond that the details are slim to say the least.

Via [The Next Web] and [Wall Street Journal]

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