Rumor: Nokia Lumia 1020 Not Flying Solo on July 11, Entry-Level and Mid-Range Lumias Also Coming

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Nokia-Lumia-720-Lumia-520Here we go again with the Nokia rumors. I’ll tell you, for a company that doesn’t sell very many phones, the Finns sure do bathe in the spotlight. Oh, well, maybe they’ll surprise us with something soon, turn their fortunes around and prove they deserve all the attention.

The first step in that direction is likely to be made on July 11 in New York City, when a mystery press event is to take place. Mystery is kind of an overstatement though, because we’ve known for a while the Lumia 1020 (aka EOS, Zoom or Elvis) is to be the event’s star.

But will it come alone? If you had asked me that question a couple of hours ago, I would have probably answered with a definite yes. Now, I’m not so sure. That’s because Digitimes claims to have heard word of “entry-level and mid-range Lumia smartphones” set to chaperone the 1020 in NYC.

The exact identities of these devices are yet to be unraveled, so I wouldn’t want to speculate too much, but they’ll likely fill in those gaps between the Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820 and 920. You might also remember a “low-cost” 920 was in the rumor mix not long ago, so maybe that thing will become official now. Any other guesses? We’re all ears.

<Source: Digitimes>

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