CE Week Video Round-Up: Unique Tech Items Spotted at iLounge (Tell TV)

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Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.57.59 PMThe annual CE Week hit New York City in a big way at the very end of last month. As an unabashed tech-nerd, walking through the huge convention spaces filled with awesome companies exhibiting their incredible new products was a bit like being a kid in a toy store. Wide-eyed, I strolled throughout the event, doing my best to meet and greet as many people as possible and if I was lucky, to receive a demonstration of these gadget accessories.

This year, iLounge held a portion of the event, which featured some really cool stuff. I hung around for a great deal of my first day there and was lucky to meet some great people and shoot a few quick clips of products in action. Below is the first video round-up of some short videos from this year’s CE Week in New York City.

My apologies for unwanted background noises and for my at times, shaky-handed, very-novice camera skills.

Dr. Fuji Breaks it Down on His Cyber Body Slimmer

The Cyber Body Slimmer is one interesting work-out device. It claims to tighten and tone core muscles, reduce cellulite, increase bone mass and density, improve metabolism, increase circulation and sense of equilibrium, as well as improve muscle strength and decrease stress — all with just ten minutes a day, from home. It was certainly fun to take a quick spin on one during CE Week.

But as uncommon and slightly awkward looking as I was while trying the Cyber Body Slimmer fist hand, founder and eccentric company spokesman, Dr. Fuji demonstrated how it works for hours, literally. So, without a doubt, I had to include even a brief clip of this dude in action.

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 Water Proof Test on Braven Audio’s BRV-1

The representatives at Braven were two really cool, down-to-earth guys who were really excited about their portable speakers. Though demonstrating a handful of Braven speaker models of varying sizes and shapes, their littlest jammer, the BRV-1 truly stole the show.

As you can see in the video, the BRV-1 is totally portable, built rugged to take hits and most importantly — it’s water proof! I’m not talking ‘water resistant,’ like how other competitor Bluetooth speakers are able to repel liquid — I’m talking about true water-proofing. The company representative poured almost half of a bottle of water right on the speaker grill. The music was uninterrupted and in fact, you can see the speaker driver bouncing the water around like a mini Las Vegas Bellagio hotel fountain performance.

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HiFiMan HM-901 Portable Lossless Audio Player Hands-On Demo

The folks at HiFiMan care about one thing and one thing only: high-definition audio. Most people do not listen to lossless audio files, in fact, most people I’d guess have never even been exposed to it.

File formats such as FLAC or Apple Lossless are the best available audio quality but sadly the most common methods of playing back music do not support said formats. Especially when it comes to portable audio, you’re not likely to ever truly have unadulterated, uncompressed audio streaming — exactly the way your music is meant to be heard.

Below is a quick hands-on with the company’s latest portable high performance audio device, the HiFiMan HM-901 portable lossless audio player.

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Complete Hands-On olloclip Demonstration

The olloclip is not just a 3-in-1 lens enhancement system for your iPhone. It’s also a solid case and a one-stop solution for snapping some of the most impressive shots right from your handheld.  

Working with a patented protective case, the olloclip slides onto the top corner of iPhone, placed right over the lens. With a few quick adjustments, you can extend the view of the built-in camera (wide-angle lens,) zoom in on things with it’s Macro lens attachment or take sweet fisheye shots. Playing around with it quickly made me a believer. If I was an iPhone user, this could be the first accessory I would buy for it.

See how easy and effective olloclip is in this product demo below:

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