256 GB Microsoft Surface Pro Goes Official, Costs $1,200 (No Keyboard Included)

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Surface ProThere were a dozen possible ways for Microsoft to make the Surface tablets more attractive and more accessible to the masses, but out of all of these it appears Bill Gates & co. have end up picking the absolute worst.

The first-gen Surface Pro, which was already outrageously expensive, has a new variant, with more storage space than before. And you guessed it, is even pricier. $1,200 for a tablet? And a Windows-powered one, nonetheless? No way anyone with a smidge of common sense and the lowest degree of market knowledge will ever go for it.

But hey, I’m in no position to judge, so if for some mysterious, X-File-ish reason you’re actually considering buying the “new” Surface Pro, I have the moral obligation to inform you it comes with a 256 GB SSD, plus all of the already familiar specs.

You know, the uber-crisp 10.6-inch Full HD screen, 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, whopping 4 GB of RAM, but lame 1 MP camera and overall bland exterior, with a 13 mm thick profile. Oh, and by the way, the $1,200 price doesn’t include a keyboard dock (or “touch cover”, as Microsoft likes to call it). True, that thing will only cost you an extra $120 or so, which is peanuts if you look at the big picture.

Via [WPCentral]

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