Practical Meter: Know When Devices Are Done Charging

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Practical Meter LED IndicatorThere is a new gadget out there that is ready to tackle the problems associated with charging smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. It’s not an external battery pack, but it certainly complements that. Even better, it’ll help you sort through all of those cables and AC plugs to figure out which to keep and which to ditch.

The Practical Meter is up on Kickstarter, drawing funding like it’s nobody’s business. The Practical Meter helps you figure out how long you’ll have to wait for your smartphone to fully charge.

We’ve all shared the same experience of plugging in our smartphone, hearing the audible beep indicating charge, and leaving it there to power up. Yet over time, we’ve found that it can take anywhere between 1.5 to 6+ hours to charge a device! Slow charging rates happen because of different power outputs from USB ports as well as wall charger and cables. It happens on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

The Practical Meter will instantly inform you of how fast your device is charging with its current set up, via LED indicator lights. You’ll be able to check and test the output of your cables and ports to find out what option works fastest for your device.

You can also pledge for your own 3-in-1 charging cable that optimizes charging times. It works with mini USB, micro USB, and Apple dock.

If you own and use solar panels, the Practical Meter will help you optimize your panel locations. A smartphone can register a charge, even if the power is less than a watt. Practical Meter keeps your solar panels from lying, so you can make sure you’re operating at peak efficiency.

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