Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Still Steady, Hit 20 Million Units in Two Months

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Galaxy S4Seeing as the consensus around the media is Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is not as groundbreaking as the GS3 was a year ago, competition is stronger and there are also derivative devices like the Active, Zoom, Mini and LTE-A to cannibalize its sales, it would have been a good guess that the 5-incher is not selling like hotcakes… anymore.

Wrong! The GS4 might not be doing as stellar as some overly optimistic analysts predicted a while back, but is still on its way to becoming the best sold Android device in history. Maybe even the best sold smartphone period.

According to an unofficial report, which we think will go official any minute now, Samsung shipped 20 million GS4 units by the end of June. Since the “next big thing” became available in late April, that means the new milestone has been reached in a little over two months, which is remarkable no matter how you look at it.

For comparison, the Galaxy S3 topped 20 million sales in about 100 days’ time, so you can say the S4 is doing 1.7 times better than its predecessor. When it hit 10 million unit sales however, Sammy’s newest flagship was at a growth rate of two times the S3, so there’s clearly a decreasing trend to be noticed here.

A worrying one? Maybe a little, especially with all those S4 variations gaining traction and the Note 3 launch around the corner. Still, I’m willing to bet anyone the Galaxy S4 will sell more than 70 million units by the end of 2013, maybe even 80 and thus crush S3’s records.



<Source: Android Beat and GSM Arena>

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