Apple’s Upcoming “Budget” iPhone Rumored To Cost $350 And Up Outright

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iPhone MiniI know it, you know it, the whole world knows it – due to increasing competition from budget-conscious Android gadgets, Apple is prepping not only a high-end successor for the iPhone 5, but also a low-cost, likely petite version to be called something along the lines of “iPhone Mini”.

Of course, no one at Apple has confirmed that yet and is unlikely to do it very soon, but again, it’s not much of a mystery anymore. The question marks that still stand concern the exact pricing structure of this budget iPhone and, naturally, its spec sheet.

Will this thing be entry-level and cost, like, $250 off-contract to start with? Or will it be a mid-ranger and go for 350 bucks and above?

If we are to believe a fairly reliable Twitter leaker going by the name of Sonny Dickson, it’s most likely going to be the latter. Hence, the 16 GB variant will be made available for $349, the 32 gigs flavor will cost $449 and the top config, rocking 64 GB of storage, should go for $549.

Now, how trustworthy is the intel? Like I said, Dickson has a fairly clean track record with leaks of this sort, but in this business you can’t even trust your mother anymore.

The even more important question is whether Apple has any chance of making the “cheap” iPhone a hit since it won’t be that cheap after all. Well, would you buy it?


<Source: GSM Arena>

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  • Luke

    If the budget iphone will be price $350 im sure it will be a hit. Finally people who cant afford iphones before will have a chance to own one. But I just hope they wont degrade the specifications too much making the $350 price margin seem looks expensive for its offered specs.