MyWitness, Android Safety App With Personal Response Team

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If you’ve ever been in a bad situation, or at least nervous for your safety, you can appreciate the piece of mind of being able to get in contact for help.

Horror movies show people frantically fumbling with phones during tense scenes, yet there can be much truth to that when it happens in real life.

Soon to be available on Google Play is MyWitness, a mobile personal safety app.  It’s the fastest safety app to trigger in an emergency, when time is of the essence.

MyWitness is a subscription service that links the app on your smartphone to your personal MyWitness cloud account.

MyWitness app alertThe app lets you store video and GPS location of a user’s surroundings and activities. MyWitness can be triggered in under 2 seconds, without needing to look at your phone, and even if your phone is locked with a PIN.

“MyWitness is a personal safety app. If someone feels threatened they can hit the Quicktrigger to activate the app and alert their personal response team. The Quicktrigger is tied in to the phone’s volume controls so it can be activated instantly even if the phone is locked. It is the fastest safety app to trigger in an emergency,” said Adam Jones of MyWitness.

Users can choose their Personal Response Team (PRT) members and control who can view their incidents. This feature allows privacy while still maintaining safety in an emergency.

“Once an account is activated, three things happen. The PRT is alerted that the user is in trouble, the camera on the phone is capturing video and streaming it to the cloud account and GPS is tracking the location on a map. This is all done in real time, so the PRT is seeing and hearing everything that is happening as it happens. MyWitness helps the PRT provide information to emergency services and get help to the user quickly if required,” explained Adam Jones.

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