Outdoor Trippin’ Tech Must-Haves, a CE Week Product Round-Up

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This year, summer is hitting us hard. I know that so far, I’ve felt muggier than ever and when this happens, I have a basic instinct to get outdoors somehow — and I’m not talking about strolling to my neighbourhood park.ID-100166013

I mean the ‘greater’ outdoors. Be it the beach or the woods, hiking or catching some some shiny rays with a cold drink, I think there’s a real need to enjoy the brightness nature and likewise, the fun time to be had with others. That’s why at CE Week this year, there was day-trips and ‘escaping the house’ on my mind.

I rallied up a few of the products that I saw. The representatives in the photos (and those who aren’t) were a pleasure to chat with and all did a wonderful job of expressing how excited they were about their products. And that’s really contagious.

Braven BRV-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker
bravenFirst things first. If you’re going anywhere that demands additional thought over the ‘mood’ or arrangement of the ‘ambiance,’ then you need a portable speaker — especially if you’re camping out and sitting still for any substantial period of time.

The Braven BRV-1 will help ‘set the mood’ on your coastline soirée and it’ll pack a serious punch when you spill a little of your margaritas on it. Like it could be gallons and gallons of your margaritas on top of it. Check it out in the photo on the left. It was taken just after the Braven rep poured half of a bottle of water on it’s grill. You can see the liquid splashing wildly from the vibrations of the driver inside.

It’s also ultra rugged, so if you have it on you while going uphill, don’t sweat it if you falls out of your pack. Check out more information at the company website.

stelleStelle Audio Couture Clutch Portable Bluetooth Speaker
This one has total ‘fashionista’ written all over it, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look good when you’re enjoying a nice day away from home, say on a camping trip. Especially for small gatherings where eating is involved. Put it on the table next to some hot dog buns and a stack of foam plates, and your party  can have some fun trading DJ and grilling duties.

It travels like a small purse and flashes a similarly ‘couture’ design. If Stelle’s Clutch speaker is entertaining a mixed crowd, conversation can be had about it’s dashingly good looks and how cute it would match certain other attire. Of course, it longs for a runway, but who to say that an impromptu show can’t happen on the beach with some friends on the other side of the country?

More information, STELLE.

As any traveller already knows, when you’re outside you’ll see some truly beautiful things. Not to say that photos of city buildings aren’t breathtaking but a landscape at a thousand feet above sea level without a man-made structure in sight is truly astounding.

The folks at olloclip have created a clever device that makes you iPhone camera shoot even more beautiful photos than it normally can. Clip the attachment onto the phone’s camera lens, which fits with olloclip’s special protective case and you’ll be taking some incredible camera phone shots in no time.

olloclip is a double bonus because if you have it on you while vacationing, it’ll be okay to leave your point-and-shoot at home. For more information, visit their site, olloclip.

iGotcha CasesiGotcha
If you know me, then you know that I love simplicity in tech accessories. Sometimes less is more and when it comes to travelling, packing lighter is always better! There are some real benefits to iPhone cases that come equipped with a little extra bulk, but conversely one that is super slim and practical has it’s time and place to shine too.

Like if you’re walking long distances or hiking and you want to listen to that podcast that you saved — How nice would it be to have a case that snugs to your hand like the iGotcha case?

Using a cool rubber band component on it’s backside, iGotcha can be used as reinforcement band in normal portrait mode, or flip it around and wear it like a set of brass knuckles. That way, you can keep holding onto your walking stick in the same hand.

More info to come…

With the constant influx of tech items into our everyday lives, a major concern for battery life undoubtedly comes up. Let’s face it, smartphone companies aren’t releasing their gadgets with extremely long lasting batteries. Most times we’re lucky to get a full day of work out of our smartphone batteries. And if you’re planning to be away from an outlet for a few days, please consider picking up a portable battery or two before embarking on your trip.

Macally produces many different kinds of digital accessories, namely for Apple products. They make stuff for the home like phone stands and protective cases (which I supposed could be used on the road also,) and one thing that caught my eye — portable harddrives. You never know what kind of entertainment you’ll be looking for when you’re traveling, so if a time calls to put on a movie and relax, wouldn’t you rather be prepared?

Check out their full line, Macally.

innuevoinNuevo DOCKr
If you’re an iPad user, the DOCKr by iNuevo is a nice product to enhance your experience. This all-in-one case, mount and keyboard attachment provides the utility of a laptop to be used with the desirable iPad touch surface.

Available models even have built-in speakers and they come in a few cool different colours. Being outdoors can be inspiring and when I’m feeling an urge to write something down, it’s always nice to be able to do so in peace and with ease.

Check out DOCKr.

Bonus: For a hands-on DOCKr review by our very own Hannah Abrams, click here.

hifimanHiFiMAN HM-901 Portable ‘HiFi’ Audio Player
For all the audiophiles (like me) who prefer to withhold conversations from time to time (again, I can relate) then you’ll understand how important it can be to have some true hi-definition audio by your side at all times. Especially going you’re on a vacation, aren’t you going to than bring your favourite albums along?

How about bringing your favourite albums in the highest quality format available? HiFiMAN understands our excitement and they want to make it happen for you. Check out their HM-901, a personal audio player that boasts real ‘high resolution’ audio. The company advertises it’s distortion level to be at nearly 0-percent (okay, 0.003-percent to be exact.) It plays most lossless audio formats including FLAC and Apple Lossless.

Just because you’re toughing it out in the woods doesn’t mean that your audio collection should suffer. Learn more at HiFiMAN.

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