Leaked O2 Germany Doc Confirms HTC One Mini, One Max, Desire 500, Nokia Eros and Mars

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O2 GermanyHear ye, hear ye, all you rumormongers, serial leakers, scoop seekers and gossip sneakers. We have a real treat for everybody, courtesy of an internal O2 Germany document that has inexplicably made its way to the media.

The doc lists a number of phones that we’re guessing will see daylight on the network in the near future and, aside from usual suspects like Sony’s Xperia SP or Nokia’s Lumia 925, includes five names of yet to be announced devices.

First up, we have a fellow that put simply is not much of a puzzle anymore – HTC’s One Mini, whose ins and outs we all know already. But here’s where things get interesting: the HTC One Max is also on the list.

True, we’ve heard a couple of things about this “beast” before, but we weren’t so sure it existed. Plus, we kind of doubted that name. But there’s no room for doubts anymore.

There is room however for a mystery Desire 500. This sounds like a fairly unexciting mid-ranger, since the Desire 600 is not that special itself, so let’s move on. To a Nokia duo that is as exotic as it is secretive.

“Eros” and “Mars” are by far the most intriguing codenames I’ve heard used for a couple of gadgets, so fingers crossed for these fellows to… well, arouse us and shoot us towards unexplored territories outside Earth.


<Source: Engadget>

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