Leaked: Nokia EOS Press Shots, Pricing and Market Name

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nokia-eosWhen it rains, it pours… erm, in a good way this time. The highly anticipated Nokia “EOS” smartphone, a superstar of the rumor mill for the past few months, is completely and absolutely capturing the headlines today, courtesy of not one, not two and not three leaks concerning its imminent launch, but four.

Number one (and number two), we have @evleaked press shots of both the front and backside of this thing. Spied on a few times before, the cameraphone looks as expected – sleek, elegant and fairly slim, but with a ginormous hump on its behind.

True, there is a noble cause for the fitting of that protrusion (i.e. the 41 MP PureView camera with Xenon Flash and optical image stabilization), but damn, is that going to spoil the fun for fashionistas out there.


Moving on, there’s some new insight on the possible market name of the EOS. Previously rumored to be branded as Lumia 1020 (which made sense), it appears it’ll be called after all Lumia 909 (which really doesn’t).

Oh, well, that’s not really important. What’s far more important is pricing, which has also been revealed hours ago. AT&T, the only US carrier expected to sell the Lumia 909, will reportedly ask $602 for it in an outright flavor, which is not so very expensive. It’s not cheap, not at all, but we’ve seen worse phones going for more.

Via [Twitter] and [WP Central]

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