Amazon Drops 7-Inch Kindle Fire HD Starting Price to $169 in USA, £139 in UK

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Kindle-Fire-HD-7Seeing one of Amazon’s Kindles discounted is not exactly a complete novelty, but traditionally that only happens on some sort of special occasion and lasts for a little while. Not this time though, as we are being led to believe by reports around the web that Kindle Fire HD’s latest price cut is definitive. Or at least it’s to be in place longer than usual.

In the US, you can get the 7-inch tablet for as little as $169, which is 30 bucks less than before. That’s of course for the 16 GB flavor with “special offers” (sponsored screensavers and ads), while the edition lacking said special offers goes for $184.

If you need a little more wiggle room to store all your photos, movies and games, the 32 GB Kindle Fire HD 7 is also available for special prices – $199 with and $214 without special offers (both are $30 off).

Meanwhile, similar price cuts have been instated in Amazon’s UK store, where the 16 GB model costs £139 (down from £159) and the 32 GB variant is £159 (also £20 off).

Not that it matters too much, but the reasons behind Amazon’s sudden “generosity” are fairly easy to guess. On one hand, we’ve seen Barnes & Noble operating similar discounts for the company’s Nook HD tabs, putting a little pressure on the Kindle Fire line. At the same time, we’re nearing fall and there’s more than a slim chance Amazon will roll out a new generation of slates.



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