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Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 1.39.57 PMPocket Ranger is launching mobile app guide for the U.S. state parks system. With over twenty states (and counting) you can be sure that there will be one out for your state very soon.pocket ranger screenshot

Pocket Ranger’s website explains that, “the app lets you explore the outdoors like never before!” This comes into full light when you begin to utilize all of the special features that make this app very easy to enjoy and expand upon.

GPS allows users to follow or mark new trails, record biking and running history, as well as view previous times and distances.

Photo features allow individuals to upload photos and record their exact location. Many of the photos are shared and can be viewed from

The built in compass works very well when service is available and the Alert feature connects users directly to local contacts in case of emergency.

One of the downsides to the app is that not all fifty states are included, which is supposed to change in the time to come. Another potentially negative aspect is the fact that with little to no digital reception the app will not work, but a fix in the enhanced Pro Features section will resolve this problem.

With an easy to navigate interface this is the perfect app for all ages to use and understand, making the Great Outdoors much for available for everyone living in the Digital Age.

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