Staples Discounts Google Nexus 7, Is The Second-Gen Finally Coming?

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Nexus 7And the second-gen Nexus 7 saga continues. The oft-rumored follow-up to last year’s blockbusting Google tablet has shown up in every shape and form in the news lately, having its specs revealed by numerous sources, including an Asus employee.

Still, the N7-2 is not yet official. How long will Google and Asus keep playing this cat and mouse game with us budget-conscious techies? Your guess is as good as ours, although we have a new clue supporting an imminent unveiling.

Staples, which just happens to be one of the world’s biggest retail stores, has discounted the original Nexus 7, bringing its starting price down to $179. That’s 20 bucks off and is of course valid for the 16 GB flavor of the slate.

Meanwhile, the 32 gigs variation is an even bigger steal via Staples, being available for $199, or $50 off its list price. Before taking the retailer’s shops and/or website by storm, you should know that you’re likely to find the Nexus 7 for even better prices via smaller stores.

At the same time, we reckon it can’t be a coincidence Staples has decided to slash the tab’s price just as rumors of an upgrade are flying around. Hence, we should all be ready for an N7-2 formal intro. Or it could be a coincidence after all and we’re getting worked up over nothing. Again. Dam you, Google, and your mad hype-building skills!


<Source: Android Police>

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  • klempo

    We are tired of this rumours business cat n mouse play. Customers will not read this crap anymore. And if you lose readers… You’ll lose your job once! Be serious and announce real events. Tks to respect your clients. Cheers