iOS Phone Sales Growing, Android Staying Stable

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Tmobile-iPhoneKantar Worldpanel just released their latest consumer survey on smartphone sales, and it shows Android holding steady while iOS grows 3.5%.

All figures are comparisons to the same period last year, and they attributed most of the iOS growth to T-Mobile (finally) acquiring the iPhone. According to the report:

iOS’ strength on T-Mobile appears to be the ability to attract first time smartphone buyers, upgrading from a featurephone. Of T-Mobile consumers who bought an iOS device since it launched on the carrier, 53% had previously owned a featurephone, well above the market average of 45% of iOS owners who previously owned a featurephone.

Sounds like there was some pent-up demand on T-Mobile that finally was satisfied. I wonder how many of those customers held on to their featurephone, waiting for the iPhone.

It will be interesting to watch what the presence of the iPhone does to T-Mobile’s market share, which is still fourth, behind Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Any readers on T-Mobile who are waiting to upgrade to an iPhone? And do you plan to wait until Apple releases the latest version, presumably later this year?

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