Blackberry to Launch a Device Running the Outdated Blackberry 7

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It is a known fact that the Canadian manufacturer is having a hard time competing with other smartphone manufacturers. With the quarterly earning call showing a loss of almost $84 million, the company is planning to introduce a new device in the market. At Q1 2014 conference call, Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins mentioned that a new device running on the outdated Blackberry OS 7 will hit the market. Rumors suggest that Blackberry is working on launching a new member of the “Curve” family that will run BB OS 7.

Blackberry 9720

The device is expected to be called Blackberry 9720, a new member of the Curve series. Rumors have it that the device will sport a display of 480×360, full QWERTY keyboard, Supports: 802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n / 3G and runs Blackbery OS 7.1.

The images of the device are also leaked by a Thai website that shows an evaluation unit running Blackberry 7 with the device name being Blackberry 9720.

I don’t know if this news should be welcomed by the Blackberry fans or not. It appears to me as if the company is going backwards; by launching a device that is running outdated software. With Blackberry still failing to achieve the numbers with its newly released Blackberry 10, I don’t know if this is a good decision.

But being an ex-Blackberry user, I must say that it is disappointing news. What do you guys think?

<Source: Crackberry – Image: ThaiBBClub>

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