dockBoss 5 Converts Outdated Docks to Be Useful Again

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CableJive LogoNow that the iPhone 5 is upon us, there are quite the number of Apple docks, ready to be tossed out as obsolete. However, CableJive hopes to spare the landfills and second-hand stores by providing a solution to keep those docks useful.

CableJive has announced the dockBoss 5, a sleek adapter that connects any and all smartphones or tablets to any 30-pin audio dock. This adapter allows both charging as well as an audio connection for music.

dockBoss 5 smartphoneThe dockBoss 5 connects to a speaker dock and offers a USB port and an audio jack. Unlike standard adapters that only change the pins, the dockBoss 5 provides universal compatibility with portable devices and gadgets that use a USB cable.

dockBoss5 is the fifth release in a series of adapters designed to make devices compatible with the millions of iPod or iPhone docks that have flooded the market prior to the release of iPhone 5.

Utilizing a USB port also means that dockBoss5 will continue to be relevant even as device and wireless technology evolves.

dockBoss5 is also equipped to pass through remote control functions including pause, forward, reverse, for audio docks that offer remote controls, including the popular Bose SoundDock.

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