Google Maps App for Android Gradually Rolls Out, iPhone and iPad versions to follow

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Google today has announced the gradual roll out of its new Google Maps app for Android smartphones and tablets, with the iPhone and iPad versions coming soon as well. According to Google, the new map app aims to make exploring the world and getting to places a lot faster and easier. Last time I checked Google Maps app on Google Play, the update is not yet available but the app’s change log has already been edited to indicate the changes to the app.

In line with the release of this new Google Map app which is also happens to be the first dedicated map app for Android tablets and soon for iPad, Google also announced that it will be retiring Latitude as well as changing the offline maps and My Maps.

With that, here are the new features of Google Maps for Android:

  • explore – visually browse and discover new places without typing, by simply tapping the search box and the app will display cards that show great places
  • enhanced navigation – see reports of road problems as well as receive alerts from Google for better route to take while outside driving
  • designed for tablets – Google Maps app has a dedicated tablet design which brings all the features of the app to Android tablets and iPad
  • Reviews, Zagat and Offers – new 5.0 star rating system,search results now integrate Zagat badge of excellen and curated lists to help you spot the best places.

As mentioned, Google Maps app is currently being rolled out as an update to the currently installed Google Maps version on your Android devices. For iPhone and iPad users, let’s hope that the new features are pushed as soon as possible as well.



<Source: Google Lat Long Blog>

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