T-Mobile Announces JUMP, A Plan That Allows Two Phone Upgrades a Year

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Today, T-Mobile held an event to talk about its latest plan since becoming the “un-carrier.” T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed JUMP or Just Upgrade My Phone. JUMP let’s T-Mobile customers upgrade their phone whenever they want up to twice a year. JUMP will cost $10 a month and it also includes protection for phones. The protection plan covers theft, broken phones and other typical reasons why a phone would become lost or damaged. JUMP begins on July 14.

The JUMP plan will go into effect after a six month period. T-Mobile will waive any fees that customers may owe on an equipment installment plan. If the returned phone is damaged, the customer has to pay a deduction before they can get a new phone. If there happens to be a special offer associated with new customers, JUMP subscribers will pay the same lower price as new customers.

Source [T-Mobile]

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