Second-Gen Nexus 7 Could Be Called “New Nexus 7″, S4 Pro CPU Back In the Cards

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nexus-7We’ve heard all kinds of rumors about Google’s imminent follow-up to last year’s Nexus 7, from specs to more specsrelease dates to pricing, but one thing we’ve heard very little of is branding.

After all, calling this “The second-gen Nexus 7” wouldn’t be very elegant. The Nexus 7-2 has an even worse ring to it, as does the N7-2. That sounds like a pickle, but Google might have just the way to get out of it – brand the new 7-incher as… the “New Nexus 7”.

Wait, what?!? That’s a terrible idea! The only other company to have gone down that road (that I know of) is Apple. And the third-gen iPad (aka “New iPad”) wasn’t very appealing to prospective buyers, not to mention it confused a lot of people.

Before panicking too much, we have to mention the “New Nexus 7” name is just a rumor for now and not even a very credible one, coming from a Japanese website that’s, well, fairly obscure. Plus, I think we can all agree the upcoming new N7 should have enough things going for it to become a hit even if it’ll end up being called… Microsoft Surface.

According to the same Japanese online publication, the tablet will come with a 1,920 x 1,200 pix res panel, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of on-board storage, dual 5 MP/1.2 cameras and 3,950 mAh battery, all information mentioned before, but “only” a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU (not Snapdragon 600). Hmm, that’s one more reason to not buy their naming speculation.

Source [EMS One] Via [Android Beat]

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